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March 4, 2013
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Life just wasn’t going your way right now. You’d tried and tried but all you seemed to do recently is fail. You didn’t understand the algebra homework, the wrong words slipped out around your parents, and your friend won’t talk to you and you don’t even know why!
“At least I have you guys.” You muttered to yourself as you pulled out an old cardboard box that was one tear away from falling apart. Glancing inside, you smiled, seeing that your comic books were still there. With a grunt, you lifted the heavy box onto your bed and pulled out the top three books; ‘Catwoman: When in Rome’, ‘Batman: Hush’, and ‘Batgirl: Batgirl Rises’. They were the first few graphic novels that you had gotten and they were the start of your Bat Family addiction, “You guys won’t leave me right?” You muttered, almost inaudible, as you leafed through ‘Hush.’
After curling up with the book, you stopped at the part where Nightwing showed up and started to actually read through the story. You ended up falling asleep around the part where Batman was fighting the Clayface as Jason Todd.
“Maybe we should wake her up?” A voice questioned somewhere to your right.
“Shush.” Another voice scolded in a hushed tone, “You might wake her.”
“That’s the point Fatgirl.” The other person hissed.
“Both of you knock it off.”  A new, much deeper voice, intervened. This person’s opinion must carry a lot of weight because the two others silenced almost instantaneously.
“Wait, look.” Another new voice stated just as you decided to try and sit up.
“Look who’s awake~” Someone placed their hand on your shoulder and you slowly opened your eyes.
It didn’t take to long for your eyes to adjust but as soon as they did, you were met by a sight you knew all too well from the pages of your graphic novels: The Batcave. Taking a quick glance at the people around you, you noted that you must’ve been in a pre-boot dream or something. Cassandra Cain, Stephanie Brown, Damian Wayne, Tim Drake, Barbara Gordon, Dick Grayson, Bruce Wayne, and Jason Todd (the guy with his hand on your shoulder) all started at you.
“What’s going on?” You asked with a hint of woe in your voice.
“You said it yourself (Name), we’ll never leave you.” Dick, in his Nightwing suit, smiled at you.
“Especially not when you need us most.” Tim smiled at you reassuringly.
You couldn’t manage words, everything just sort of crashed down onto you and you hung your head as silent tears fell. For some reason though, you felt perfectly safe here, even in your most vulnerable moment. It was all so real and you trusted them.
“Shhh…” Jason’s arm wrapped around you and held you close, “It’s ok.” You took a moment as you shook in his arms to try to remember his scent, maybe then you’d have something to hold onto from this beautiful dream. Soon another pair of arms wrapped around you and then another and then another. All the Robins (including Steph) were huddled around your fragile form, holding together your crumbling heart.
“You shouldn’t ever be sad (Name).” Damian muttered into your side where he had tucked his face, “No matter how others make you think of yourself, you’re always perfect, just the way you are.” Hearing this from Damian brought on a whole new wave of tears, but not of sadness.
By the time they all pulled back, you didn’t feel as broken. Out of the shadows, Alfred Pennyworth, butler to the Waynes and the Bat Family, walked up to you and wrapped a blanket around you.
“And either by dream, movie, or by page, you’ll always be welcome here.”  Bruce stated with a rare smile gracing his face.
“Now sleep. A warrior needs their rest.” Cassandra stated as she pulled a pillow out of seemingly nowhere and handed it to you.
“Don’t worry. This isn’t our last meeting.” Barbara said upon seeing your hesitation.
Finally, you rested your head on the pillow and snuggled into your blanket, almost begging that the dream would never end and you’d just wake up in another room in Wayne Manor.
The sun shined through your window and hit you square in the face. Groaning you rolled over to avoid it. Your eyes snapped open fast as a bullet when you remember your dream though. You yelped as the sudden intrusion of light burned your eyes but you still held your eyes open and looked around. The clock said it was four in the afternoon.
“It was just a dream.” You almost sobbed at the sight of your messy and disheveled room.
With a broken heart, you gathered the books on your bed and placed them back in their box, lingering on ‘The Long Halloween.’ Why did it seem so real? Angrily, you dropped the book in and got up to move it back to its usual place under your bed. You were angry that it was all fake, after they promised.
You were about to push it under your bed but froze. There was a bright yellow box in the place where you usually put your comic book box. Gingerly, you reached out and grabbed it. On the top of it was a black bat symbol.
You slid the top off and felt a single tear run down your face. A batarang sat in the box along with Barbara’s Nightwing plushy and two folded pieces of paper. One of them had a quick sketch signed by Damian and the other was a note. You couldn't stop reading and rereading it, clutching the plushy.
“(Name), you are a wonderful, bright, and strong girl. You have so much potential. Don’t let anything make you feel like you aren't worth it because you are.” Next to it was a signature that you made out as Bruce’s.
Under it, was another note from Stephanie and under her’s was Cassandra's and then one from Damian, and so-on.
“Thank you.” You muttered softly to the silence of your room, “Thank you so much.” They may not be there, but they’d never leave you.
So I wrote this at 4 in the morning after a panic attack/breakdown. I kinda noticed how all my breakdowns end with me re-reading my Batman comics or watching one of my favorite shows or leafing through Harry Potter etc. They're the ones who are always there for me when no one really is, so I decided to recognize the Batfam because they never get any love with reader inserts.

The Batfamily and all characters affiliated with them are owned by DC
You are owned by you
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No more???
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I had to read this again I've been feelling terribly depressed shop I was wondering if you could continue it in some way, it's up to you really I just wanted to ask. *playing with hands looking down*
Summer18092 Featured By Owner Jul 26, 2014
Aww my god I got the feels and now I'm crying!
NarutoYaoiLover13 Featured By Owner Jun 17, 2014
I ACTUALLY CRIED!!! I love you!!!
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this is so beautiful T___T <3
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I love this story.
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This is realy good. No, I didn't cry, but I still realy love it.   Bat Glomp PLZ 
Minxif Featured By Owner Feb 21, 2014  Student Writer
This reminds me of all the fandoms i love.
DC to Marvel, to PewDieCry to Sherlock, to Creepypasta to ofcourse Doctor Who.
I know i will never meet them but i will always know they're there.
Fireblade626 Featured By Owner Jan 31, 2014  Student General Artist
After i read this, the song fishing in the dark popped into my head.
Most fitting song ever.
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